Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Saks Global Agente de Valores S.A (hereinafter “Saks Global”) adopts a series of measures to protect the privacy of its clients and the users of its website. Saks Global, with the firm purpose of demonstrating its commitment and respect for the simultaneous protection of the confidentiality and privacy of the information entrusted to it by both its current and potential clients, ensures the protection and use of personal data. (“personal data”) that are transmitted to you, having prepared this Privacy and Data Protection Policy for this purpose. The policies described here also apply to related companies, such as parent company, and to websites owned and operated by Saks Global.

1. Collecting and processing of personal data

i.. Personal data, for this purpose, will be considered any information, regardless of its nature or medium, relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (owner of the personal data);

ii. The personal data provided by current or future clients, the personal data collected directly or indirectly by Saks Global or those resulting from accesses, transactions or other records associated with the contract entered into between Saks Global and the Client, will be subject to processing, carried out with or without recourse to automated means, within the framework of the business relationship established with Saks Global, and may be transmitted to third parties duly authorized for such purposes;

iii. The entity responsible for the collection and processing of the data is Saks Global with which the client or user has signed their registration contract or has accepted the conditions of use, this data being subject to the regulations of said jurisdiction.

iv. Personal data will be collected when said action is consented to by the owner. The circumstance of the owner providing their personal data implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. Due to this, the Client, by providing his/her personal data, authorizes at the same time the collection, use and making available of the same in accordance with the rules defined in the applicable collection instruments;

v. Within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law, the owner of the personal data (the Client) is guaranteed the right to access, update, rectify or delete their personal data, through written communication addressed to Saks Global with whom it has been communicated. registered customer:


Luis Bonavita 1294, WTC Free Zone, tower II, of.533 – Montevideo CP 11300 – Uruguay

[email protected]

vi. Likewise, within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law, the Client has the right to object to the use of the data they have provided for marketing initiatives, to send informative communications or with a view to their inclusion in lists or information services. To exercise this right of opposition, the Client must declare that he/she is to be removed from the database for marketing initiatives,  through the “Unsubscribe” option in automatic notifications. The client’s email available during the account opening process is used to communicate events related to the products and services offered to the client. Removal of this email is possible for marketing initiatives only.

vii. Saks Global processes the Client’s personal data, in accordance with the principles established in the legislation applicable to the protection of personal data, in particular in Uruguayan Law 18,331.

2. Protection of personal data

i. Saks Global will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of such data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access, as well as against any other form of unlawful processing of personal data.

ii. Taking into account that personal data is collected and/or processed through an open network (Internet), the Client must be aware that there is no guarantee of inviolability of his personal data in the process of transmission of this data. It follows that there is a risk that said personal data may be consulted and/or misused by unauthorized third parties, despite all the efforts carried out by Saks Global to avoid this scenario. Saks Global will not be responsible for the data of other organizations or people referred to through links.

iii. Entities that provide or license services to Saks Global may access personal data collected or recorded by Saks Global, when and to the extent necessary to offer the Client products or services marketed by Saks Global, or when this proves to be essential for the fulfillment of contractual obligations established between Saks Global and the Client.

iv. Saks Global will not provide the personal data provided by the Client to third parties for purposes other than those already included in this Privacy Policy, except in the following situations:

– Whenever Saks Global is faced with legal notices, orders or judicial processes requesting the availability of such personal data,

– Provided that the availability of the aforementioned personal data is consistent with compliance with the legal obligations to which Saks Global is affiliated.

v. Saks Global collaborators, directors and consultants are required by law to treat “personal data” confidentially and may not use it outside of legal obligations.

3. Security of personal data

Saks Global has a set of technologies designed to protect personal data provided by its clients against illicit practices developed through unauthorized access, use or disclosure of said data. When such protection is deemed necessary, Saks Global proceeds, for example, to store said personal data in computer systems with limited access. At the same time, Saks Global ensures that stored personal information is protected by encryption due to the adoption of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

4. Use of cookies

Saks Global websites use cookies. The use of this type of files allows those responsible for the website to understand how it is used, facilitate navigation on the website and store the preferences of its users. Overall, cookies provide a better user experience, ensuring that the website offers its users relevant content. As mentioned in the current Cookies Policy adopted by Saks Global, most Internet browsers grant the user of the website the possibility of accepting, rejecting or deleting cookies, in particular by selecting the appropriate definitions in their browser. Although, initially, the user authorizes the use of cookies, the user may deactivate most of the cookies used at any time. However, the user is advised that by disabling the use of cookies on the Saks Global website, the user may not be able to experience all the potentialities and functionalities provided by the website. For more information, you can visit the cookies policy available in the legal area of this website.

5. Modifications to the Privacy Policy

Saks Global reserves the right to introduce readjustments or alterations to this Privacy Policy at any time. We therefore recommend that you periodically review this policy to stay informed of how Saks Global ensures the protection of the personal data provided to you. Material changes introduced will apply only to activities or data collected in the future.

Legal Notice: The information contained on this site, as well as the services offered by Saks Global Agente de Valores S. A., are not available to residents in the territory of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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